Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge 2017
The Shoe That Grows is an innovative solution to keeping kids healthier and happier by providing shoes that grow 5 sizes and last for years. Kids can adjust their shoes and always have a pair that fits.

Cornerstone BGMC Goal = 750 pairs of Shoes
One Pair = $15

BGMC is the missions education program for kids in the  Assemblies of God. Since 1949, BGMC has been challenging kids all over America to help our missionaries reach lost people all over the world.

BGMC is more than a giving program. It is also an education program. It equips kids to know, to care, to pray, to give and to reach the lost. Kids are taught about countries, people groups and missionaries. They are also taught about lost people and how important it is to be a witness.

BGMC is touching every area of the world by supplying our missionaries with the materials and tools they need to reach the lost. BGMC focuses on projects that help children.