The Technical Arts Department at Cornerstone provides audio, video and lighting for services, special events, recordings and projects, but also provides servant ministers a place to connect, make friends and participate in a small community that “does life together.”  The operation of the equipment is much simpler than most people think, and it also provides a fun place to grow, learn and teach.

The video team is responsible for video recording Cornerstones services and events for later distribution on the internet as well   The two areas of service include camera operators and video directors (operates video switcher and works with the camera operator).

The media team is responsible for the projection of song lyrics, graphics, and sermon notes. This is necessary so people can participate with the worship music, read sermon references, and be informed. ProPresenter is the software used in all of our service rooms.

The lighting team is responsible for the look of the stage and auditorium as it pertains to light.  This involves focusing light fixtures, setting colors/intensity, and operating/programming the lighting console.

The audio team is responsible for setting up and operating sound equipment so that people can participate in worship and hear the message.  We have several positions that include FOH audio engineers & Broadcast Audio Engineers.

The stage team is responsible for the setup and layout of various stage elements.  Throughout the year, there are other seasonal opportunities to serve as riggers, carpenters, and stagehands. This team is made up of all the other Tech Arts Teams and meets as needed through-out the year.

No experience is necessary as we offer on-the-job training, mentoring, and job shadowing on an on-going basis.  We encourage most technical arts team members to participate at least once or twice a month.  During the training phase it is beneficial to make yourself available on a more frequent basis.  For further information please contact the Technical Arts Ministry at 301.262.6266 or via email at

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