Cornerstone’s Strategy for World Ministries

Missions, at home and abroad, is a foundational part of who we are as a church. This commitment extends to our 210 missionaries & ministries and more than 65 countries through financial support, as well as prayer and personal encouragement.  We want our heart to match the heartbeat of God for the lost and hurting around the world. The purpose of this “Strategy for World Ministries” is to articulate God’s clear direction regarding missions for our church.  We pray this strategy will help steer our future direction and bridge our calling to future church generations.

Principle 1

Prayer is Paramount

  • The Lord has shown us that prayer is, and must continue to be, the primary gift we give to missions. Prayer connects the hearts of people within the local church to the heart of God and His love for the world. We understand that nothing of eternal value happens without prayer.

Principle 2

Increasingly Affect the World for Jesus Christ

  • We will continue monthly support to an ever-increasing staff of missionaries. Our first consideration for support will be to missionaries and world missions that are accountable to the Assemblies of God World Ministries. We will not limit the number of missionaries the Lord would have us support, but we will continue to encourage “new harvesters” with monthly commitments in prayer and finances. This will: - Keep our focus on Christ’s teaching; asking the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest. - Keep our congregation from becoming complacent in “our” accomplishments by continually encouraging us to provide for the needs of the world.

Principle 3

Build Relationships

  • We will continue to partner and build personal relationships. We will develop at least one key partnership in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania. Currently, we have partners in China, Ecuador, Japan, Madagascar, Several Nations in theMiddle East and North Africa, Moldova, Nepal, Philippines, Senegal, and Uzbekistan. Building close relationships with a limited number of missionaries and their families will: - Foster long term relationships and influence in different areas of the world. - Influence different areas of the world in a more substantial way - Provide relational benefits for the missionary family and our church family. These partnerships will have a higher priority for funding beyond monthly support. If these servants change locations or area of ministry, we will ask the Lord for His direction in order to continue to impact every continent. These partnerships will not restrict us from helping meet other needs that may arise on a short term or one time basis. Missionaries in Residence – As we are able, we will offer housing to specific missionaries while they are itinerating. While they are with us, we will do our best to make them feel like a part of the church. We will give the missionaries in residence and their family a place to connect and a strong base of support.

Principle 4

Show Compassion

  • As a church family, we will minister one time support in such situations as natural disaster, war, calamities, or special needs. This will: - Allow us to be His instruments of compassion at critical moments in regions of the world that need His touch. - Open doors to evangelism through a practical expression of God’s love. Ministries that serve as our conduit in critical moments include Convoy of Hope, Disaster Relief, Healthcare Ministries, Mercy Ships, Project Rescue, and Convoy of Hope Europe.

Principle 5

Distribute the Word of God/Disciple the Nations

  • We will aid in giving a Bible to every human being. Focusing on distributing the written Word will allow the Gospel to be spread with great speed and even greater results. These opportunities are made possible through The Fire Bible in varied languages. In addition to distributing the Word of God, we will endeavor to disciple the nation by supporting Global University efforts around the world and by supporting Bible colleges and universities across the globe. Bibles, tracts and other literature are available through Light for the Lost, Bible Alliance, the International Bible Society and Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge.

Principle 6

Reaching the Unreached

  • We will be intentional about reaching people in our world who have not heard the message of Jesus. We will focus prayer, attention, and resources to those thousands of tribal and language groups who have not had a witness of Jesus. Our mission is to go into all the world, and with God’s help, we will do our part to touch the “unreached” wherever they are and however we can.

Principle 7

Involve Our Entire Church Body

  • We will seek to have EVERYONE who calls Cornerstone their home church participate in World Ministries in some capacity. Involving our church body in World Ministries will: - Help everyone in our body focus on Christ and His great commission. - Help individuals and families form long term personal relationships with missionaries, which will reap great benefits for all. - Raise up a new generation of young people who understand missions. -Keep missions at the forefront of what Cornerstone is all about. By doing so, we can help to fulfill Acts 1:8 today.