We are called to be disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20, NIV)

We are called to grow in our faith and grow closer to Jesus, our Savior and Lord. This means we must go deeper in our walk with God. We must learn and know His Word, the Bible, and live it out each day.

January 30th - March 6th, 2018


Learn about the DNA, mission & beliefs of Cornerstone. This class is especially for those interested in becoming an official member—someone committed to faithful giving, growing & serving.

Are you 18-35?  Join the Doulos community as we dive into the God’s Word and apply it to our lives in practical ways. We want the Bible to truly be a lamp unto our feet! 

This is a 12-week study intended to motivate three things: Awareness of our role as God's Remnant, United Prayer, and Intentional Godly Living. Join us as we explore Ezekiel's vision, Isaiah's call, and specific ways we can live godly, intentional lives in these dark days; taking it all to God's Throne Room weekly.

Be part of this dynamic new four module advanced ministry training program that is designed for those who have completed the Cleansing Stream Seminar and One Day Event and are recommended by their pastors. Participants receive development in discipleship, equipping them to minister healing and freedom.

This class will be a discussion of leadership styles, followership styles, change and conflict management, and qualities of a Christian leader.

In I Declare War, Levi Lusko identifies four weapons you have at your disposal—thoughts, words, behaviors, and power—and illustrates how to use them to achieve ongoing victory. It’s time to stop being your own worst enemy. Declare war and become the person, the spouse, the parent, and the leader God intended you to be.


This study focuses on Paul’s systematic explanation of the gospel to the Romans and offers insight into the doctrines of sin, salvation, and sanctification. The student will learn how union with Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit leads to spiritual growth.